Important announcements

11/2/2021- Customers with email addresses.

As you may know your accounts are using Office 365 as the underlying service. We learned today that Microsoft has finally prevented the ability for Outlook 2007 to connect for email. We know those office programs still work and it was a good version.  However this is beyond our control. The end of life was October 2017, four years ago.

Outlook 2010 is likely to be the next victim of this. We highly encourage you to upgrade in advance of this happening.

You can access outlook on the web at Outlook Web to read your email.


As you have likely heard a Atmosera has sold a portion of their business to the Infinity Internet founder, Doug Palin. They have taken over operations and are quickly working on this transition. You can contact them at the email or number below.

To access your email from a web browser select the Webmail option on the left menu bear the top for the platform your service is hosted on.

Business/Pro support available 24 hours/day, 365 days/year


Due to current customer request volumes, we will be returning customers voice messages as soon as we can. If possible, please make your request via our support email: