Infinity Hosting – Adding a Email Alias

Setting up an Email Alias

Start by going to Click on the My Account link located on the upper right corner of the main page. Log in using the primary e-mail address and password for the domain. Once you are logged into the My Account page, clickDomain Manager button, then click E-mail accounts button. This page will list out every alias you, have setup and what pop boxes they point to.

On the main page of e-mail accounts you can add a pop box and alias all in one step. Under the Add Additional Email Account section it will tell you how many free pop boxes you have left. To create a new account, fill out the following.


Username: This is the destination you will use to log in and check the e-mail.

Alias: This will be the virtual alias or the domain e-mail address.

Password: This is the password you will use with the username to log into your account to download the e-mail.

Once you are finished filling this in click on Add email account button.

If you already have a pop box or want to have a new alias created but forward to another destination address, like a Yahoo address, click the link “if you would like to add an alias onlyClick Here”

From this page you can create a email alias only. Start by filling out the information under, Add an Email Alias.

Domain Email Address: This will be the virtual alias or the domain e-mail address. Example

Destination Address(es): This is where you would set the destination addresses at. Example; or you can add multiple addresses by using a comma, Example: Then press the Add alias button.