Remote Hands Service

Let us help you with administration tasks.

Remote Hands is a technical service designed to supplement SSH, Terminal Server and other remote access to your server. Using remote hands, an EasyStreet technician can load physical media, physically power cycle a computer, or execute precisely written, or precisely described, instructions. There is a fee for Remote Hands requests. Please email us,, or call 503-906-7400 opt. 1 with any questions or to schedule a Remote Hands appointment.

Disclaimer: If for any reason problems are encountered in executing your instructions and EasyStreet is unable to reach the you, we will attempt to return the server to its previous state. A server outage may occur. If this attempt fails, EasyStreet accepts no responsibility for such outages, nor would such an outage count against any uptime or availability guaranteed by us. EasyStreet executes its Remote Hands service on a best effort basis and bears no liability for any loss resulting from its efforts.