Monitoring Service

Support for Monitoring Services can be found below. You may also get additional assistance by visiting the Atmosera Support page by clicking here.

EasyStreet Monitoring Services have been rebranded under the Atmosera name.

Monitoring, provided through EasyStreet by Atmosera’s 24x7x Command Center, is included with High Speed Circuit (access connections ONLY) and Managed Server customers who choose system software management. It is available separately to customers who choose EasyStreet’s managed hardware services. EasyStreet provides two monitoring levels for Managed Server customers:

Hardware heath monitoring looks inside the device to see how well the hardware and network are actually running using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

Systems software health monitoring looks into the health of the server operating system and standard applications via an intelligent agent running on the server. Our NOC personnel are constantly evaluating all health messages and comparing them against normal thresholds; if yours deviate, we will send appropriate notification to your designated contact.

If you are a Managed OS customer, we are already monitoring your equipment and it is not necessary to fill out the forms below.

Emergency Contact Form
We must have your contact information on file before we can start monitoring your equipment. If you haven’t already, please CLICK HERE to fill out the Emergency Contact Update Form.

Suspending Monitoring Notifications Temporarily
You can tell us anytime you do not want to be notified about outages we discover because you are doing maintenance on your equipment (or any other reason) by sending an email to OR using the link below. Please be sure to list the specific IP address of device and the duration of time you do not want notifications. A ticket will be automatically opened and you will receive a confirmation response.

NOTE: You will not be notified about ANY issues seen concerning the systems you list for the duration of the outage window you specify.


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