Hosted Exchange Create and Manage Public Folders

Follow the steps below to create a Public Folder in Outlook containing Contacts, Calendar, Journal, Notes or Tasks that are viewable to everyone in your organization:

1. Go to File > New > Folder.
2. Enter a name for the folder.
3. Select the appropriate item for the folder under “Folder Contains”.
4. Place the folder anywhere in the Public Folder hierarchy under All Public Folders > and click OK.
5. To assign permission to other users right-click on the folder and select “Properties”.
6. Select the Permissions tab and add any users that need access to the folder. You can Shift+Select or Control+Select more than one name at a time.
7. Click OK.

If you are creating a Contacts list, all users who wish to access the list must complete the following steps to enable the Public Contacts for Outlook Address Book:

1. Right-click on Public Contacts and select “Properties”.
2. Select the “Outlook Address Book” tab.
3. Check “Show this folder as an e-mail address book”.
4. Enter a name for the address book.
5. Click OK.

Each user must also add the Outlook Address Book, if they haven’t already:

1. Click Tools and select Address Book.
2. Click Tools and select Options.
3. In “When sending mail, check names using these address lists in the following order:” look for the list you created above. If it is not listed, click on Add & browse for the list created and click Add.