IINET Mac mail

Mac Mail Setup:

  1. Open up Mac Mail.
  2. Select Mail from the menu at the top and choose Preferences.

  3. Press the + button in the lower left.

  4. For Account Type, Select POP. For Account Description this can be anything from your e-mail address to your name, Its just a label for future reference. For the Full Name field this should be what you would like people to see when you e-mail them. I.E., Your name, Company name, Nick name, etc. For E-mail address field this needs to be your full e-mail address. Press Continue.

  5. Your Incoming mail server: needs to be the Username: needs to be your full e-mail address. For the Password: Field type in your full password, if you do not know this you can contact our technical support for assistance with this. Our contact information is located HERE < Then press Continue.

  6. Your Outgoing mail server: needs to be Check the box that saysUse Authentication. The Username: needs to be your full e-mail address. For thePassword: Field type in your full password. Then press Continue.

  7. Press Continue.

  8. Press Done.

  9. Press the Tab towards the top that says Advanced. Change the drop down box fromAfter one week to Right away. Your windows should look like the picture below.

  10. Now press the Red button in the upper left. If you are prompted to save press Yes. You are now setup, enjoy your e-mail account.