McAfee SaaS FAQ

1.  How can I secure my server to prevent spam from bypassing McAfee SaaS Email Protection?

  • You should allow traffic to your email server only from McAfee Saas and other trusted servers. More details.

2.  Are there any limits or rules when using McAfee’s outbound filtering?

  • Yes. You can find the Policy for Outbound Email Delivery in the Bulk Email Policy PDF.

3.  Is there a list of features available on each plan?

  • Yes. You can find them here.

4.  What is the website for the control console?

5.  How do I create a new user?

  • That depends on your User Creation setting.

    To create a user in Explicit user creation mode:

    1.  Login to the control console.
    2.  Click “Users.”
    3.  Click “Create.”
    4.  Fill out the form.
    5.  Click “Save.”

If you are not using Explicit user creation mode, please refer to the User Creation Options article or the training resources to find out more about the SMTP Discovery user creation mode.

6.  What are the permissions of the different user roles?

  • Customer Admin
    • All customer information, except primary domains. Can reset passwords and security questions.
  • Domain Admin
    • Domain setup.
  • Quarantine Manager
    • Domain quarantine and reports. User quarantine and allow/deny lists
  • Reports Manager
    • Domain Reports
  • User
    • Access to their own User Account.

NOTE: All permissions are inherited. So a Quarantine Manager can do everything a Reports Manager and User can do, plus their new permissions.

7.  How do I add a new domain?

  • Complete instructions can be found in the training resources.
    • To add a new primary domain:
      1.  Submit a Support Request
    • To add a new alias domain to an existing primary domain:
      1.  Login to the control console.
      2.  Click “Domains.”
      3.  Click the target primary domain.
      4.  Click “Edit Aliases.”
      5.  Enter the new domain in the bottom box left of the “Add” button.
      6.  Click “Add.”
      7.  Click “Done.”

8.  How can I report spam to McAfee SaaS?

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