User creation and configure the McAfee SaaS Email Protection Service

1.  Log into the Control Console

2.  Verify Inbound Server host addresses and preferences

  • Go to Email Defense Service Setup/Inbound Servers, and verify that the Inbound Server host addresses are accurate and that the appropriate preferences are defined for the host addresses.

3.  Verify Domains/Verify Domain Spelling

  • Go to Account Management/Domains to verify that your domains are present and that they are spelled correctly.

4.  Verify Outbound Server IP address(es) (if applicable)

  • If your service package includes Outbound Filtering, go to Email Defense Service Setup/Outbound Servers and verify the Outbound Server public IP host address(es) for accuracy.

5.  Determine User Creation setting/Create Users

  • Go to Email Defense Service Setup, where you can determine whether you want the system to auto-create User Accounts or if you want to control User Account creation. You also can specify how an inbound message should be handled when it is addressed to a recipient that is invalid or does not exist.
  • We strongly suggest that the User Creation option be set to Explicit, which can be done at any time. The Explicit setting is recommended if you plan to create users via McAfee’s Directory Integration. The Explicit setting is mandatory if your organization plans to use McAfee SaaS Intelligent Routing.
  • If the User Creation option is changed from SMTP Discovery to Explicit, the Administrator should immediately delete any invalid User Accounts. From this point forward, the Administrator will maintain the creation of User Accounts manually.
  • For step by step instructions on changing the User Creation option, please see this support article: User Creation Options. For more information on creating Users, refer to Section 3 of the Email Defense Control Console Administration Training Guide.

6.  Verify Customer Creation

  • For customers implementing McAfee SaaS Intelligent Routing, it is extremely important that you now verify that all users have been created in both your mail system and the McAfee SaaS system before proceeding with the remainder of the set up process.

7.  Verify Policy Settings

  • Go to Email Defense Service Policies to determine how the Service will handle incoming messages that contain threats (spam, viruses, etc.), the distribution of Spam Quarantine Reports, and to set up Allow and Deny Lists and internal email violation notifications.
    • Determine Anti-Virus Actions
    • Determine Anti-Spam Actions
    • Determine Distribution Requirements for Spam Quarantine Reports
    • Determine Content Actions
    • Determine Attachment Actions
    • Configure Allow and Deny Lists
    • Set up email Notifications for Virus, Attachment or Content violations.

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