Smart Host information for Outbound Filtering

If your Service package includes Outbound Message Filtering, the Customer Administrator is responsible for establishing a smart host or relay on their mail server, directing outbound mail flow through MX Logic. Please note that the following steps will be required during the service configuration process to provision Outbound Message Filtering as part of your service package. Each outbound domain will need to be configured with the appropriate information.

  • Enter the public IP address(es) associated with the outbound service on your mail server on the MX Control ConsoleSM Setup tab, Outbound configuration. If you use a consecutive block of outbound IP addresses, these addresses may be referred using CIDR notation (ex. 4 consecutive addresses = “” or 32 consecutive addresses = “”). To ensure the strictest security, MX Logic recommends that only single IPs or CIDR notation for a /32 should be used to configure your outbound smart host or relay.
  • Establish a relay or smart host sending outbound traffic to the following addresses:
      • Replace with your actual domain.

After these tasks have been completed, MX Logic can accept all of your outbound email for filtering of virus, worms and inappropriate content and attachments, and based on customer configuration, can include your customized outbound disclaimer to all outbound messages.

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