Redirecting Mail Exchange (MX) Records

By now, you will have confirmed that your domain(s) has been added to the MX Logic® system. In order to begin email filtration, you or your Internet Service Provider need to redirect your mail exchange (MX) record for all protected domains: at a preference level of 10 at a preference level 10

Replace “” with your actual domain.

Additional domains should be redirected in the same manner. Do not redirect your mail exchange (MX) record to anything other than what you see listed above. Use of other MX records may cause mail to bypass the filtering system, increasing threat exposure.

Once the MX Record changes are propagated, inbound mail for the specified domain(s) will begin being filtered by MX Logic.

Note: If EasyStreet manages your DNS, please send the DNS change request when you are ready to make the change.

If you would like to look up what your specific MX records should be or to confirm that your MX records are setup properly you may do so:

1.  Login to the Control Console

2.  Click Email Defense

3.  Click Setup

4.  Select the desired domain (if applicable)

5.  Click MX Records

  • MX Record Analysis Results for
    • Will indicate:
      • All Authoritative Name Servers for the entered DNS name
      • All MX Records that are recognized by the Authoritative Name Servers – this process retrieves all the MX Records for a given domain
      • Whether the hostname for each MX Record is a valid hostname, an outdated hostname that will work but should be updated, or an unrecognized hostname which may be allowing email to be routed around the Email Defense Service
    • Recommended MX Record Settings
      • Will provide the correct MX records and preference for this domain.

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