Admin For Hire

Support for Admin for Hire can be found below. You may also get additional assistance by visiting the Atmosera Support page by clicking here.

EasyStreet Admin for Hire services have been rebranded under the Atmosera name.

System Administrator for Hire Form Help
System Administrator for Hire gives you the option to request an EasyStreet by Atmosera system administrator work on your Managed Server. EasyStreet by Atmosera system administrator work is billable at an hourly rate (billed in 1/2 hour increments) at $150 per hour during business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and $250 per hour (holidays and all other times).
EasyStreet by Atmosera employs certified system administrators, are specialists in Sun Solaris (Unix), Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and 2000, Cobalt Linux (Unix), and Cisco IOS (routers and switches). This broad range of talent provides you with solid technical capability anytime you need specialized system administration tasks performed on your server.

System Administrator For Hire Work Request Form (PDF file)


Please include a step-by-step description of the tasks you would like us to complete in the space provided at the bottom of the form. This information is critical for the successful completion of your request.


System Admin for Hire Request Form Explanation

Please allow two business days advance notice for work requests, and indicate if this is an emergency. Please include the nature of the emergency for all emergency requests.


Contact Information: Only administrative and emergency contacts can make EasyStreet System Administrator for Hire work requests. We may need to contact you for clarification and/or suggestions about the work you are requesting.


When you would like the work performed? Please fill in the date and time you’d like us to work on your server, or simply indicate as soon as possible. Work requested outside of business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) must be scheduled in advance and you must receive confirmation of a system administrator’s availability before we will commit to doing the work at that time.


How can you be reached during the scheduled time (required)? You must provide a telephone number where we can reach you. It is critical that we be able to reach you if we are unclear about your instructions or other issues come up during the requested system administration work. Unexpected things can happen when working on complex system and our ability to reach you is essential in our effort to complete the tasks you requested, and minimize, or prevent system down time. We will contact you at this number immediately prior to beginning the work (unless you expressly tell us not to call first).


Equipment or Service: Use separate forms with separate instructions for each computer, router or networked device that you want us to work on.

Friendly name or IP OS Username Password Equipment
Type or Location
of Equipment


Friendly name or IP: The first column is where you identify the equipment you wish us to work on. Please give us the IP address or the name of the server or piece of equipment that will allow us to positively identify exactly which device to work on.


OS: Please tell us which operating system is running on the device. This allows us to quickly determine which EasyStreet system administrator to direct your request to.


Username: Please provide the account name you would like us to use when performing the work you are requesting. Most system administration tasks require that we use a privileged username and password. For Unix systems this is usually “root” except on Cobalt Linux where the privileged username is “admin”. For Microsoft NT or 2000 servers the username is usually “Administrator”. Even if you want us to perform the administration tasks as a non-privileged account, we still recommend that you provide the privileged username and password.


Password: Please provide the password for the Username provided. Please make sure the password is clear and legible. Remember that passwords are case sensitive and letters, numbers, and special characters can easily be confused. For instance; a lowercase “l” looks very much like the number “1”; and a lower case “t” can look very similar to the plus symbol “+”, etc.


Equipment Function: Please tell us what the equipment you want us to work on does. For example “FTP server”, “Web server”, etc. This will help our administrators better understand the tasks you are requesting.


Type or Location of Equipment: It is important for us to know where the equipment is located and what EasyStreet service the equipment is used for. An example would be “Managed Server with OS Management”.


Scope of Work: Use the lines provided to clearly describe the work you would like us to do. Please be as detailed and specific as you can, remembering that we may not be as familiar with your device or your configuration as you are. For example:

1. Login as Administrator.
2. Stop all SQL services.
3. Install SQL 7.0 SP1 from d:/files and reboot.

If you are unsure about the clarity or appropriateness of your instructions, please contact EasyStreet Customer Support, 503-906-7400, for assistance.


Final Notes: If for any reason problems are encountered in executing your instructions, EasyStreet will attempt to return the equipment to its previous state. An outage may occur if this attempt fails and EasyStreet accepts no responsibility for such outages. EasyStreet provides its professional System Administrator for Hire service through best efforts and bears no liability for any loss resulting from our efforts.


Submitting Forms: email the PDF form to , or print up the PDF and fax it to 503-646-1400 attention Support.