Basic Information:

Previously @easystreet.com, Easystreet.net is Residential class email provided by Infinity Internet. It is now hosted on Microsoft Office 365 mail servers.

It can be accessed via an Exchange account on a mail client (such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Etc.) or via Web mail.

The email web portal can be accessed by browsing to https://portal.office.com.

**Please note, Outlook 2010 and earlier is no longer supported for our easystreet.net clients connecting to the Office 365 hosted exchange servers platform. Customers running Outlook 2013 will need to update by April 2023 or sooner.

**Microsoft has disabled basic authentication for our easystreet.net customers. They are changing authentication methods for all of their hosted email accounts and they are doing rolling disables of what is called “Basic Authentication” in favor of “Modern Authentication” for 48 hours at a time.
– If this change has affected you, please find your mail client below in the area titled “Changing to Modern Authentication (OAuth2)”
– If you are using a different mail client than below and are experiencing issues, please make sure that the mail client is able to support “OAuth2”, otherwise you will need to switch to a mail client that supports it. 

Server Settings:
IMAP (incoming) Server: outlook.office365.com
Port: 993
SSL: Required
SMTP (outgoing) Server: smtp.office365.com
SMTP Port: 587
SMTP Auth.: Required, use same settings
  as the incoming mail server.

**Please note, we no longer offer direct support of smartphones. The above settings will allow you to receive your email on any smartphone or tablet device that supports modern authentication. For assistance configuring these devices please refer to the phone provider.

Changing to Modern Authentication (OAuth2):
Exchange setup on Mac Monterey (V12)
Exchange or IMAP setup on iPhone or iPad
IMAP on Outlook 2013 and newer

Self Help:
What problem are you having?
How do I log into Web mail?