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Important Announcement About Outlook 2016

Microsoft just released Office 2016 which includes the latest version of Outlook. At this time, we strongly recommend that EasyStreet Hosted Exchange clients not update to Office 2016.

Some versions of Exchange are not compatible with Outlook 2016 and may require changes to your Domain Name Services (DNS).

Basic Information:

For companies that have their own domain and need the features and flexibility of an Exchange Server for email.

This includes full mailbox synchronization (Calendar, Contacts, Inbox and Sent Items) to desktop machines running Microsoft Outlook or Entourage as well as Blackberry and mobile devices that support wireless ActiveSync (Non-Active Sync mobile devices are also supported with use of our GoodLink Service). Mailbox sharing, Outlook Web Access (OWA), Sharepoint Services and Public Folders are also features only available on our Hosted Exchange platform.

Hosted Exchange Control Panel Overview (Exchange Administrators)
Frequently Asked Questions

Setup and Configuration:

Migrating to Hosted Exchange
DNS Settings (Required for initial activation)
POP/SMTP Setup (Advanced Users)
Outlook 2003/2007 on Windows XP/Vista
Entourage 2004/2008

Mobile Devices
Palm Treo (ActiveSync capable)
Palm and other Mobile Devices (Non-ActiveSync capable)
Windows Mobile Device (ActiveSync capable)

Self Help:
What problem are you having?
How do I log into Outlook Web Access (OWA)?
How do I create users?
Why do I keep getting overage charges for my mailbox?
How do I setup and manage Public Folders?
How do I recover deleted items?
How do I access shared calendars or mailbox folders using OWA?
How do I enable journaling?
SharePoint Help