Dial-Up Access


Our dialup number list will be undergoing consolidation on October 1st. If you have difficulties connecting with your modem after that time, you may need to update your access number. Please review this page for new access numbers.

Local Access Number:

Portland 503-808-8050

Nationwide Access Number:

Click here to find an access number near you.

Setup and Configuration:

Windows Vista

Windows XP

Windows 2000

Windows ME

Windows 98

Windows NT 4.0

Mac OS X

Mac OS 9

Self Help:

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Slow Speeds

Frequent Disconnects

Troubleshooting Phone Lines

Infinity Accelerated

Get Help:

If all else fails, call or email Support for help!

Phone: 503-906-7400 or Toll Free 1-800-207-0740

Email: support@easystreet.com

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