Verizon DSL

Basic Information:

Verizon is the telephone company that provides the copper wiring that comes into your house delivering the DSL signal. They also maintain equipment to pass traffic back and forth between your DSL modem and EasyStreet. EasyStreet is your ISP and we provide the path to the Internet over your DSL connection. For a more detailed description with pictures, please click here.

Setup and Configuration:

Pick your modem below:  
Fujitsu SpeedPort Westell Wirespeed Westell 2100
fujitsuf westell_wirespeed westell2200
Westell 2200 Westell 6100
westell2200 westell6100

Self Help:

What problem are you having?

– Unable to connect to Internet

– Slow speeds

– Filtered Ports

Get Help:

If all else fails, call or email Support for help!

Phone: 503-906-7400 or Toll Free 1-800-207-0740


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