2 Wire 2700HG-D (Routed Bridge)

These configuration instructions will guide you through configuring your 2Wire Modem to work with your DSL Internet connection.

Wireless Note: If this is your first time setting up and you plan on using a wireless connection, you must still first physically connect with the ethernet or USB cable in order to perform this quick first-time setup.

1. Open your web browser (Firefox, Safari, Netscape, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc) and type in the address/URL bar at the top. This should take you to the following screen:


2. If you do not see this screen, first check your cables to make sure you have a solid ethernet light (any one of the four ethernet ports) on the 2Wire modem, then reboot your computer and try accessing the 2Wire modem again.

3. You should now be at the main menu of the 2Wire Modem, with the “Network at a Glance” section prominently displayed. Look to the right side of the menu for a section entitled “Wizards.” In that section, click on the Advanced Configuration Settings link. The following screen should now appear:


4. In this menu, scroll down until you see the following section of information:


5. Place a dot next to RFC 1483 Mode and make sure the drop-down next to Connection Type is set to Bridged. Place a dot next to Static or DHCP (based on the type of connection you have) and then fill out the information similar to that shown above. If you do not have your static IP and gateway address information, please contact our Technical Support Department.

6. Next, place a dot next to Specify DNS Server settings and fill out the Primary and Secondary DNS spots using the numbers exactly as shown above.

7. Click the Save button. The following screen should appear:


If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support Department.

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