DNS Hosting

Making DNS Changes (if managed by EasyStreet)

To change the contents of your domain name’s DNS entries in EasyStreet’s Name Servers, send e-mail to the EasyStreet Hostmaster hostmaster@easystreet.com or fill out the below change request form. During the business day, requests are typically processed within 24 hours. A confirmation email is sent to the requestor once the requested change(s) have been made.

You can get information about the different types of DNS records you can define for a domain on our resource records page.


DNS Change Request Form



Transferring DNS Management to EasyStreet DNS Servers

Contact EasyStreet so that we may add your domain to our name servers. EasyStreet domain name service is a one-time $50/domain setup fee. After your domain is setup on our name servers, simply contact your domain registrar and change the name servers to those shown below. This will transfer DNS management for your domain to EasyStreet.  There are usually no transfer charges from registrars.


You will need the following information:


EasyStreet Name Servers dns1.easystreet.com


For Domain Registration and additional DNS Information click here.





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