DNS Hosting

Making DNS Changes (if managed by Infinity Internet)

To change the contents of your domain name’s DNS entries in EasyStreet’s Name Servers, send e-mail to the EasyStreet Infinity Internet customer service department at support@iinet.com with the specific requested change. We prefer that changes are emailed to us in text format not as a screen capture. Due to the exact nature of DNS records we request an email not a phone call with the required changes, the change must be from an authorized contact’s email address on the account.

You can get information about the different types of DNS records you can define for a domain on our resource records page.

DNS Change Request Form

Transferring DNS Management to Infinity DNS Servers

Contact EasyStreet so that we may add your domain to our name servers. EasyStreet domain name service is a one-time $50/domain setup fee and a monthly ongoing fee.  After your domain is setup on our name servers, simply contact your domain registrar and change the name servers to those shown below. This will transfer DNS management for your domain to EasyStreet.  There are usually no transfer charges from registrars.

You will need the following information:

 Name Servers