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EasyStreet supports all currently available TLDs (Top Level Domains) including the new .info TLD and all geographic TLD designations (.us, .cc, .tv, etc).

Use EasyStreet’s domain name registration service to reserve the domain name(s) you want.

For $25.00/year per domain, EasyStreet will reserve your domain name. Choose from .com, .org, .net, .us and .biz. Begin by checking the availability of the domain name(s) you want.

You can also register your domain name at any ICANN-accredited Domain Registrar, if a TLD is needed that we don’t offer; such as .biz, .cc, etc.

E-mail Addresses You Should Define For Your Domain Name

As an EasyStreet domain name customer, there are a number of expected e-mail addresses you should configure in your e-mail system. There isn’t any Internet requirement that these address exist however Internet professionals often take them for granted. We recommend at all domains include both postmaster and hostmasteraddresses.

If you run your own mail server, please add these addresses as aliases.

If you have EasyStreet Business email or EasyStreet Hosted Exchange, you can add these aliases to any of your mailboxes using either the Enterprise Manager or ES Hosted Exchange Control Panel.

Mailbox Area Usage
postmaster Mail RFC821 – SMTPRFC822
hostmaster DNS RFC1033
info Marketing Packaged information about the organization, products, and/or services, as appropriate.
marketing Marketing Product marketing and marketing communications.
sales Sales Product purchase information.
support Support Problems with product or services.
abuse Customer Relations Inappropriate public behavior or unsolicited e-mail
webmaster Web Site RFC2068

This information is summarized from the following RFC 2142 MAILBOX NAMES FOR COMMON SERVICES, ROLES AND FUNCTIONS

Domain Name Registries

A compilation of the various domain name registries…
Uninett List of Domain Registries

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